Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just saw this blog article.

I plan to try to keep an emotional diary. I had moments in my life where I cried at the drop of a hat. My feelings are easily hurt. I'm easily moved. The oddest things can break my heart. Then, at one time, I'm not sure what happened, but I got tired of the pain. I hit this scary point where NOTHING moved me. I had become cold and callous. I prayed for a soft heart again.

Well, it came back. However, when in public, I suppress. I don't want to cry. Well, I don't like crying period, but it's easier to let go in private or with my husband.

The negative emotions, I never like to express in public. So that's another stumbling-block for me in acting (and role-playing even). And perhaps even in writing. I don't like to explore the pain.

Perhaps I should for the sake of calling myself a creative. I've got to push forward out of the comfort zone. The thing is, when you get involved in the arts, you can't hide from yourself.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Slow & Steady

It's actually coming along. I'm not 100% sure what "it" is yet, and I'm wondering if I'm overdoing it with certain things, but I actually wrote over 1,500 words last night in a fit of inspiration. I have my hero pretty much figured out. My heroine, the main character, actually, I'm clueless about. I'm not even certain of the setting I want her in. I think I want to do a realm cross-over type thing, but it may not fit. Or it might. I just have an idea of where he is and another where she is. That might change.

All I know is that bits and pieces are coming to me at random times. So I'll chill and let it come as it comes.


Step: Letting it come as it comes.
Trian's Introduction.
Possible introduction to main plot.
Word Count: 1,573

Pushing Over the Water Tower

I think I imported all the themed blogs that should have been here. There are a few I'm leaving alone, like this one dedicated to geekness: Semi-Geek

However, I wrote something there that sums up the recent dryspell:

Then there's writing. I have complete blockage in that. To write without a scenerio of a game seems to elude me. So does graphic design. Even poetry, which is the easiest for me, seems to fail me.

But I can write up and down about Clara, Nara and Saia. And even this elf I plan to make for a D&D campaign I'm wanting to join. I can write characters.

I just can't seem to write stories.

However, I think the dryspell is over. It just took some pushing over the water tower.

I'm in the Camera Now!

Ultimate Lesson: Do what you're scared of. It's amazing what comes from being brave.

My first actual audition. I got extremely nervous the day of. I had been planning on this for a few weeks. This last Monday, I got hay fever that turned quickly into a sinus infection. Or something. Anyway, finally took some pills since I kept getting hotter and hotter. So today, I felt better and thought I could go to the audition.

Except my nerves got to me. Looked up how to prepare. Should had done that a few weeks ago. I don't have a head shot or a resume. Even if I did have a resume, it's far from impressive. My nerves got worse not only for lack of these things, but for realizing that I'd be up against people who WOULD have these things. So I was fighting the passion to just try and the practicality of not wasting anyone's time.

Lesson 1: ALWAYS keep a head shot and resume with you. Though this didn't seem to matter to this company, I read it's important for actors to do.

But I finally just got dressed and made it out. It was at a college campus and thanks to a couple of nice people I didn't end up walking to the opposite end like I was about to. The production people were nice and sweet and seemed unphased by my complete lack of preparedness. I only wasn't shocked that she asked if I had a monologue ready because that's one thing I researched. But I didn't bother because the casting call didn't ask for one.

Lesson 2: Have a monologue memorized and at the ready!

I also wasn't confused by the term "slide" because of my research. I looked over the scene and it was hard to concentrate because of chatter and a video they were playing.

Lesson 3: During cold reads, don't be shy to go outside and read over and even practice!

I saw people start to gather and figured it was now or never. I said my name into the camera and I got the "whenever you're ready" and I read. I was going back and forth from "Don't stare at the paper!" and "Oh crap, it's still me..." So I was either staring at the paper or frantically trying to look where I was.

Lesson 4: Same as Lesson 3. Just be better prepared. Act it out to get the flow.

There was one shining moment. I don't know the protocol, but in Wil Wheaton's blog, he's always vague. So, let's say there was one moment where I was there. I heard the guy chuckle, but kept going. My only hope is that in that one moment, he sees potential. That if we can peel away the nervousness and I can prepare more, I'm good.

Lesson 5: Find that "there" well before you walk into the room.

Last page, something between half a minute and a minute and a half later, he was saying that they were holding auditions for awhile. And that if I don't hear anything in a week, it's because they're still auditioning. I'm used to this from job interviews. However, he said he'd let me know either way. That, I never got in job interviews. In job interviews, you only get a call if you get the job or second interview. So, that's nice to know.

Also, I'm going to have to wonder if that was similar to the flat, "Thank you. We'll keep in touch," or that since he went into explaining that it means I'm still in the running at least for now. I may had been the first person to audition for the role. So I could get knocked out by someone who did have a headshot and resume, as well as a prepared monologue.

However, I wasn't going for that role anyway. I was going for one of the friends. Which, I don't think have speaking roles, or long enough for a cold read. And as I said before, I had no monologue. So. We'll see.

Lesson 6: I seem quite capable of forgetting there's a camera there. Go me. :)

Re-Repurposing to Original Purpose

This will still be used to keep track of the writing process and that will come soon enough. However, it will be about anything to do with life's experiences. (Which, was the original intent, actually.) Like the post coming next that I had in my LiveJournal but belongs here.

Actually, I need to bring in other posts as well from other attempted themed blogs. They will be re-timed to the date of the original post so if you would like to find them; where, there's not much here, so it won't be that hard.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is going to be a diary of writing process. It will include notes about word count, how far in the process. For this post, I think I want to lay out the process. I hadn't found any good step-by-step that are concise.

  1. Come up with a concept. Setting: location, time. Genre.
  2. Write up a mythos, history, character biographies.
  3. Write outline and set out chapters.
  4. Start writing to fill in outline.


Step: Coming up with concept.
Word Count: 0

Ten Steps to Writing a Story

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