Wednesday, July 24, 2019

YOU Thought of It: That's What Counts

From the first time I sat at a desk and grew bored (or procrastinated), I would take random office supplies and make stuff. From school, avoiding math, to temporary work when I was only there to answer a barely ringing phone.

30+ years later and I realize... that's friggin product and package design!

So as I type this, I am going to do a little research. I'm sick and tired of trying to find a job. I do a weekend gig through the temp agency. Living with my parents is a HUGE help and I really appreciate them. But I also want to contribute. Not just to the house, but to the world.

I am chock full of ideas, and some of them are even good. I already have a natural tendency to create things from other things. Folding, cutting, molding, etc. Maybe I have considered doing this stuff before, but I'm not sure why I never went through with it.

The thing with product and package (even prop) design is that it can be patented. Aka I can patent them and sell the patents... or something...

I have no idea, but I know I have, along with my mom a few times, come up with ideas that are actually useful.

"Well, if it's that good, someone else already thought of it."

Yeah. That's the crap I told myself. Why can't I think of something first. Where was my esteem?

If you ever think that, stop it. Maybe you are that creative and imaginative. Work to make it happen. Even if you're not the first one, it was original as far as it was new to your mind. That counts for something. It means there's more in there. So, go, imagine and dream and better tomorrow.

Oh, and listen to people even if you don't think them intelligent enough. I don't think imagination needs intelligence. Intelligence is needed to communicate the idea, but when the idea person has a hard time expressing it, someone needs to be able to work to understand them.

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