Thursday, October 17, 2019


We have an image of our planet from space. We're exploring other planets. There are sciences dedicated to understanding the deep inner workings of our world. From the vast to the very specific, you'd think there's nothing left to explore.

However, if my time getting caught up in the links of wiki are any indication, there is always something new to explore. If my time looking at old books is any indication, there is so much we've yet to know of the past.

In trying to find my personal brand, I tended to focus on the future. What can I create? What can I do to leave my mark? What can I do to make my community better?

But I am so curious about the present and the past. Why not explore what was and what is? These explorations could bring to light old and current things (with proper crediting of course). These explorations could inspire new ideas.

I've wanted to take a long exploratory road trip for awhile now. I've thought of ways to sleep in my car (there are solar powered AC units to put in your car, by the way) and mentally prepared for the lack of my usual comforts. However, this has yet to translate to actual actions.

However, I think if I have encouragement, I might actually do it. Some fans would help, but money would help better, so I'm setting up a campaign in FundMyTravel. I'm not expecting anything from friends and family, as I understand their situation.

What's Your Point?

Oh, right. (Also, you're welcome that I made a header so you could skip the rambling as I know I do a lot.) Let's explore! Let's document and take pictures so scientists can see what might need more sciency exploration. We go, we find something interesting, we document and post it, and move on.

There's more to do for the bigger idea, but for now, I want to just go out myself and see if it's even viable, and get others involved where we can gather so much information it does need a database sort of website.

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