Monday, March 15, 2010

Writing, Any Way I Can

I love to write. I write any way I can. I go into free form role play chat rooms. I write collaborative stories with whoever will write with me. I write short stories. I write poems. I write attempts at novels. I write ideas. I write, write, write. I blog. Blogging is writing. I have a personal blog and several attempts at themed, structured blogs. This will be a themed and structured blog. But it will be a bit personal. It will be about my passions.

I will also try to entertain and/or encourage and/or instruct as I write as well. So let's get started on that.

Most people write, whether it's composing emails, writing out the shopping list, etc. I'm not a grammar nazi, but I do think there can be some care in how we post, even to Twitter and Facebook. Condensing is needed at times, but if you don't need to condense, spell words out. At least that. And, for literary sake, do at least a quick scan and correct spelling and typos before hitting send. Occasional mistakes happen, but I've seen some so obvious, I don't know how they missed it.

And anyone can write creatively. I really suggest everyone should free write at least once in their life. Open up notepad or get out a pen and paper and write for five minutes straight. No stopping, no correcting. Just go. It doesn't matter what you put down. It can be a stream of unrelated topics or just writing how silly the exercise is. The thing is, usually, at the end, you've opened your mind. If you're stuck on something, maybe it'll help.

Until tomorrow, I bid you good day.

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