Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 3

Alright. Quick introduction. I recently got a part-time job as a Media Clerk in an elementary school (I am called (sometimes by myself to kids for simplicity sake) Teacher and Librarian, but I am not licensed.) I've been at this job for 3 weeks around abouts. Learning a lot about, well, mostly about handling kids. I shall share these lessons, joys and frustrations here.

What I do is read to the children, the younger ones do a second activity and then we check out books. "Read to the children" is a LOT less simplistic than it sounds. Not all of the time, but most of the time so far. I admit, some of it has to do with my occasional "dragon lady" attitude toward them.

However, the moment someone cops an attitude, I refuse to abide that and they are learning this fact. As to whether it does any good to show them strong disapproval, we'll see.

Original Update on Facebook: Lori Sanchez  could describe this day as bad (keyboard d/cing, books falling (twice!) & usual kiddo chaos), but -really- looking forward to tomorrow.

To elaborate. There really was more good than bad. I just got -really- flustered with the bad.

1) Some of the kids were actually better, while the good ones from last week... haha not so much. Kids and their inconsistency! Leaarrrning.

2) Teachers were -very- cooperative when the computer "went down." What happened there, is... not sure. I was about to freak out because: How will I even put in a work order? WHEN will I have time to even go tell someone about it? So a teacher said he'd just write it down, etc. Turned out the cords just came loose, so I got it all fixed. Who needs tech support? ;) (SOOO kidding. I LOVE you guys. Cookies will be offered with each work order.)

3) Kids behave rather well when you say you need help. (Give them a task and they feel special, I guess.) Which means when the first topple of books happened, kids were quick to jump in. The kids I had just scolded... :D They really can surprise you in the most pleasant ways. Maybe I just need to restructure... hmm. Have it more interactive.

4) Second topple (after I JUST put them all back) caused me to close my eyes, put my hands on my head and sigh in a most pathetic way. But some random guy (not sure why he was there) came to offer help. Not to mention, I learned a little lesson about balance. ;) Physics, Lori... Physics.  No more toppling after that. hehe

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