Friday, April 20, 2012


There are two dreams that were always there. They didn't come as a fad passed through. These dreams, even if dormant most of the time, lied in me since before I can remember. Dormant only because it seems I am more pessimistic than I like to admit. I set the dreams aside deciding it hurt less if I just distracted myself from them rather than pine after what I cannot attain.

Horses break my heart. To see them makes me smile and gives me a serene joy no matter my mood. Yet, I know I cannot approach it. Look into it's soulful eyes, commune with it in an unexplainable way. To own one. To become one with it as we travel, trotting and running along the grass.

Archery is harder for me to explain as to why it pulls me the way it does. However, I am very particular that it has to be a traditional bow. Long specifically. I like the idea of a single piece of wood, a string tied to it. Simplicity. However, a recurve will do as well. I just know I do not want a compound. And for me, a cross bow defeats the purpose of why I want to use a bow. I know what I want, but it's hard to explain why. I also decided long ago, I don't always need a reason. If it brings one joy, no one else need understand. It's their joy. Not ours.

So, archery, though not exactly a creative endeavor, shall be included in this log of my journey toward having a life filled with more realized dreams.

Though, I think since I also want to include links and help others learn about the sport too, I may make a separate blog. I can always import them in here later if I decide I'm not posting enough for it's own.

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