Friday, February 1, 2013

It's OK

I had a nice chat with my teacher. I won't bore anyone with the dialog and I don't really remember it. I do remember getting to know a person I had put on a pedestal because of his authorative position, his talent, and how he just generally carries himself. Therefore, I was intimidated. But in talking to him, I learned that just because you enjoy acting, can even be great it, some just aren't comfortable with it. And that's ok. There's other ways to be involved in theatre.

I thought I wanted to produce, and I still might. However, I am thinking about directing, set or costume design. That whole analyzing a play and portraying it in my (or my director's) image.

That's it on that front. I'm still in Tommy. I helped build the train for the set of Ubu. I'm also backstage in Ubu.

I also got the relief that I don't have to do juries this semester, so it's fairly safe to switch specialty from performance to design.

I had to quit Dollar General for the semester because I can't really work nights. Someone suggested U-Haul, so I went to the site and there seems to be in-home positions.

But I did get a good check this Friday, so I was able to get a nice dress for my friend's semi-formal birthday party tomorrow night. I also work tomorrow morning at DG. The afternoon, I will be getting prettied up.

Tuesday morning will be my last day at Dollar General and I'm thinking if I can't find anything by the time I run out of gas money, and Dave can't help... I hate even thinking about it but... I love theatre, but I may have to just volunteer next time (no school) so I can have a day job.

I'm just going to focus on this weekend.

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