Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Graphic Dragon

I don't get to work on many projects like I used to, but I want ALL THE ELEMENTS!!! Fonts, templates, brushes,

*heavy breathing*

Where was I? Oh yes... There's free stuff I'm downloading from Creative Market every month... or is it week? Either way, I saw a bundle of like 81 items for $39. WANT SO BAD!!! However, until my job situation gets under control, I can't really afford to buy bundles. :( Just  a la carte for commissions.... If I'd ever get commissions.

Also to help me in my element hoarding, I  signed up to be a partner, so I can earn 10% as commission.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Piggy Bank in my Bank Account

I've been a little free in my finances lately, and it's bit me hard. But I'm getting things back in order. I have one thing to pay off, but other than that, I'm debt free until the deferment on school loans is up.

Things I remembered I learned before and am FINALLY doing again that are so simple:
  • Keep a written record of spending.
  • The second someone hands you a receipt, put it in your wallet where you keep your card.
  • Record these receipts one row at a time followed by a balance between each one as soon as possible. File or throw away receipts or whatever.
  • Realize that YOUR records are MORE ACCURATE than the online statement. 
    • HOWEVER, if your recorded balance is higher than the bank says you have available (not even actual balance), make a note or put it in the row to use THAT as your balance until all of your records match the bank. If there is discrepancy after double calculating yours (even get a second person to give it a look as well), contact the bank.
  • Create a sort of piggy bank within your account by rounding down (392.92 will be 392) from cents on money coming in and rounding up from cents on money going out. (34.28 will be 35).
The envelope system is a great idea, but it just doesn't work for me the way this does. The envelope system is a better system as far as making sure you never get overdrafts, etc., but in many instances, it's just plain inconvenient. Like getting gas. Especially with this new car that has a smaller tank (better gas mileage so not gonna complain too much). And with Kroger ClickList (some kinks to work out still, and they might stop waiving the pickup fee eventually but still really convenient) they only take cards when you park over there.

And when real life starts (when I stop paying 6 months in advance with financial aid access) and have to pay monthly, paying by card on utilities and cell is SO much more convenient. Just wish my landlord had an online payment option as well.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

From Destial to Table

So I'm a destial fanfiction fan. I had the "break" tonight. I studied and stuff, so I was gonna reward myself with a thing. WoW or Supernatural. The plan was both. An episode of Supernatural and then some WoW before bed. Bed was supposed to be an hour ago. I ended up watching two episodes of Supernatural (and I was farther in the season than I thought). And was about to watch another until I took a bathroom break, which is enough of a break from whatever has me to make me rethink and be more responsible. So the episode after the one Julie Benz (huge fan of hers) guest starred, in the middle of the beginning recap, I turned off Netflix until later.

Tomorrow, I plan on reading up for a test in Service Marketing and taking the test tomorrow night. Then the usual weekend business. :)

I'm just happy I got the table! It made studying less cumbersome!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sometimes, It's Just Not Right

I love art and I love making it. Except there's stress when trying to get a degree in it. SMAI was something I was dreading. But anything else I was interested in (Marketing) required more math courses. SMAI was the better choice.

Then I saw Communications. It WILL push me to public speaking, but it seems ok for visual communication to be a focus. No SMAI. Nothing to say that my intended graduation date would be delayed. Lecture classes. Papers to write.

I love art and I love making it, but it's not going to really advance my worth as a job candidate. So while I still enjoy it and plan on minoring in it, I'd rather spend time at home working on a paper than in the studio wondering if I did everything I possibly could.

Art is NOT an easy major. Creative majors are HARD. And I'm just too old for that shit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So Many Balls

No. Not Pokemon. That's a fun thing for stop lights, waiting in line, lulls in conversation, etc.

I mean...

  • School
    • Physical Science (with math!) with Lab
    • Ceramics (which it didn't hit me has science involved therefore a textbook)
    • Independent Study for German (can't do MWF schedule, so... yea)
    • Service Marketing (with TBD still in place of day(s) & time)
    • Portfolio (with SMAI possible... the ulcer causing part of my education)
  • Work
    • BLRM
    • Links
      • Rock Region Metro On Call
    •  Work Study NTSO Office
    • Possible Intern (fingers crossed)
  • Hobbies
    I will give up the MES position if needed, but I will still play in these games if possible.
    I really want to help with a theater production. We'll see how my schedule looks in September and I may go to Cabot to check it out.
 I'm really ok with it. It's exciting to finally have a need for a planner. :)

YAY! I'm Not "Cool"

I messaged a friend and her response was something about Pokemon GO is out today. I assumed it was a movie. I didn't think much of it. Then I do what I normally do lying in bed waiting to be too sleepy to hold my eyes open: Look at Tumblr, Pinterest, essentially any app with memes. Pokemon GO kept popping up. That was when I decided to see what the fuss was about.

Since then, I have decided to make use of an older phone for Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. as only Pokemon GO and Messenger (which needs Facebook) can fit on my phone. Messenger is important for collaborating with other hunters while meeting to go on a hunt.

Since then, I have damaged my knee to where it's taking over a week to not hurt every time I lift up with it. This happened as I saw a gray gym and decided to jump off a short (but not short enough) ledge to get to it faster. What's odd about that is that I am not into the game to get gyms. I like collecting and seeing what evolves.

See, I was never into Pokemon so everything that's not Pikachu is a new discovery for me.

Also, I made someone jealous when my first egg hatched a Pikachu. :D

It also makes waiting and long walks from point A to point B (aka college) more interesting. I catch most of my Pokemon waiting. It makes dining alone less boring. I know I'll never run out of pokeballs once school starts as my walking path passes several stops.

So if the only bad thing about Pokemon GO is the "cool" kids making fun of adults using it, well, that's more proof it's a good thing. "Cool" kids never appreciate the truly important things.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Did I Mention I LOVE My Apartment?

So I got a note about pest control happening this morning. I don't mind maintenance coming in here. In fact, I love it. They take care of things. The top maintenance man is a sweet guy who not only takes care of things, but taught me how to prevent issues in the first place.

However... I don't want to see how they do pest control. With my OCD it's best I don't know what they use and where. So I was a bit nervous about not having to be anywhere this morning. However, it seems they got here early and I do recall hearing some noises as I slept still. I got up at 9:30ish.

Not sure what they did, but it's over with and now I'm just bracing myself for the sound of the powerwashing, which I've decided is going to sound like awesomely heavy rain.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chicken Nuggets!

The best chicken nuggets I ever had was from a rare fast food place called Andy's/ AND I FOUND SIMILAR. Well, heck, maybe the same. At. Dollar General. HECK YEAH BABY!

Wrong thing copied, but that is also important.

Well, I can't get it back but it was an explanation about how awesome life is.

Enough money.... more is always better but content...

I hate accidentally deleting stuff...

Friday, May 13, 2016


Good morning all. Posting from phone as I'm looking for camping in Second Life. Free money. Pennies really, but meh.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chance of Happiness?

Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love rom coms. One of the reasons I go to my parents for the weekends (other than being with them) is watching the movies that the Hallmark Channel runs. I know how predictable (with the occasional surprise) they are (the direction always puts the main focus on "unlikely" winner) but I love this story, and adding different details to the tale does add some variations that ...  just love 'em.

But I am also very much about not needing a man. A man can add things to your life.

SIDE NOTE: Or woman. Or whoever you want in your life regardless of gender.


Never allow another person to be the "chance of happiness."

Now, usually, in these movies, the woman is shown as successful but kinda blah. However, there are more coming out showing women who are perfectly fine. They love where their lives are. They ARE happy. SO happy.

They don't NEED a chance of happiness. They don't need a man. So why go out looking? Search for YOUR happiness and fulfillment. NOT a man.

While you're living your dreams and being perfectly happy as you are, you might just meet someone.

BUT if you don't, you're happy.

Sure, some of us have the conventional idea of family and big house, but we're also happy and content where we are.

I have all sorts of dreams and even an idea of how to do it all at once. However, I have learned something very important to my happiness.

When you are so concerned with being around others, you will deny yourself what you REALLY want to do. I am willing to do almost anything to be with my friends and I am easy to please. However, they are often not so flexible or as spontaneous (or able to be when I am). Therefore, I just started going out a lot on my own.

Sure I'd love to share it, but I'd much rather experience it at all rather than wait for someone to come with.

I can see the cheesy rom coms at the theater that only I am interested in. I am able to go to hang out at bars alone with just the intent of visiting with the staff and other regulars and people watching.

I have a long distance husband. I also have a long distance boyfriend and a friend with benefits. My husband knows that with these other relationships I love him no less. My energies are still mostly focused on him.

However, even with these three men in my life. Even with my circle and few close platonic girlfriends, I still can be quite lonely. Most of the time, I am perfectly ok with this. However, I have moments where it hits me just how alone I am.

I am not lonely for a man. I got three. I am lonely for a friend who will come to ME. No one has ever come to my apartment. I am always the one making the trip. Meh. It is what it is.

At this point, I think I prefer it overall. Being alone a lot and doing things alone.

I can be selfish. I don't have to sacrifice what I prefer. My home is where I have COMPLETE control. And I really love that.

Sure I want to live with my husband again. But  donly him. He's the only one I'm willing to compromise with. Though he bends a lot for me and I feel bad for it, but need whatever so much, I can only try to figure out a way to have both. It's usually quiet vs them needing the volume. Only ideas is me leaving the house for a bit or having sound proof walls. I like the idea of sound proof walls.

I know this was sort of rambling, but here's the main point.

Be content where you are by yourself. 

He or She will come along as you live your best life.

Then you will be ok with bending and compromising and sacrificing.

Never do any of those if it feels hard. Never be with someone just to be with them. 

Wait for someone to come into your life who fits perfectly. Who makes you not even realize what's changed, and you realize it's actually better with them than what you gave up.

Don't search. It will happen naturally.

If you feel you need to search, reevaluate your personal/professional life. 


Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Schedule I Want

6am - Alarm goes off. I may or may not hit snooze 3 times.

6:30am - Breakfast and coffee with Facebook.

7-7:30am - Drive to campus and park at the parking lot that makes me walk the farthest. Healthier and less stressful than trying to find one closer as it's become impossible. Go to Student Center to chill if in area before 8.

8am - Go get coffee at NTSO office.

9am - Stay in NTSO or go to for class. (Protein Bar)

Noon -  Lunch

1pm - Class or studio to do out of class work.

4pm - HPER (This is the hardest thing to start.)

5pm - Drive home.

6pm - Supper.

9pm - Bed (early because will be on phone awhile before sleep).

That's Monday through Thursday. And Monday and Friday are not starting or ending as this. I go to my parents on the weekends and that really changes things up. I'm going to try to keep my hustle and play time to weekends.

Unlikely, but as much as possible.

Being a Better Blogger

Ok. Blogging. I decided to really go at it. It's become a thing now. And I personally think I can be entertaining.


In my research on how to do this better (and make money at it possibly), I've found a HUGE amount. I want to summarize, pick and choose, and even add some things.

Use Notepad. And save often. It's easiest to paste from and it'll prevent those hair pulling moments when you (ok, I) accidentally hit back or something.

Post what you are passionate about. Sure some things that are trending might get more hits, but people will be able to tell when you don't care about it.

Now, for what I agree with and/or should try (even if it seems like a lot of work).
These links have TONS of more helpful information. One I liked was sharing a "day in the life" which... I can do. Sure. Why not.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Not All Things Work With All Things

I'm starting to contemplate the worthiness of Windows 10. A gamer friend had to downgrade because his games wouldn't run on 10.

I realize it's not really good for Photoshop either. Or perhaps it's the fact I need to be hardwired rather than wifi. Either way, I've had issues. At. The. Worst. Possible. Time.

Not to mention I forgot to share the Dropbox from Graphic Design class to myself. So, first, I had to have a way to MAKE the assignment.

Thankfully, I had the mind to save the photos my partner took onto a flash drive. But I took hours trying to get Photoshop. I even spent the money to get a year subscription to the Photography Creative Cloud plan. But if it doesn't work on this laptop, it's pointless to have because there's Photoshop at school and even if an older version, I have Photoshop on my desktop.

In fact, I was able to use pixlr, so I may just demand a refund anyway.

So pixlr saved my ass, but I still don't have a way to put it in my dropbox for school until Monday.

I'm going to contact Adobe now.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just Start by Just Create by Just Designs

I settled on Just Designs as a name for my freelance brand awhile back. Just Create is something I came up with as the "Inspiration" brand... the teaching/consulting brand. Just Start is going to be the charity bit. I want it to be ALL free and charity, but I gotta eat.
  • Just Designs is my hire me to create things for you.
  • Just Create is my hire me to help you think outside your box.
  • Just Start is my let's get you creating because it's something anyone can do with anyone. 
I had to make sure not to go overboard. I went to Dollar Tree bulk area, and after I settled on the items, chose the bulk just under 100 units (under $100 each item).
  • totes with markers
  • water colors
  • pads of paper
  • activity dough
  • colored pencils. 
I will also try to draw some original coloring sheets. Or get some people to donate some. Adult coloring books are trending too well to include that. I'm keeping things to a dollar a unit so I don't have to ask too much. $500 has much cushion and that might be used for taxes, shipping, and gas money to take these bags where they are needed.

I will also include this if the creator is alright with it.

Of course, the ones going to people with money (businesses or self-employed) will have business cards, etc. to get them thinking of using my services. But the main goal is to give people the joy of creation.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Adult Coloring Books

It's said they relieve stress. It's also a way to awaken creativity and that's what I'm all about! I found normal ones, macabre ones, and manly ones... :)
Abstract Coloring: Adult Coloring Book

Abstract Coloring: Adult Coloring Book

Abstract Coloring: Adult Coloring Book

Be Free: Adult Coloring Book

Be Free: Adult Coloring Book

Be Free: Adult Coloring Book

Relaxing Coloring Book for Adult

Relaxing Coloring Book for Adult

Relaxing Coloring Book for Adult

Relaxing Coloring Book for Adult

Relaxing Coloring Book for Adult

Relaxing Coloring Book for Adult

The Horrors - Adult Coloring Book

The Horrors - Adult Coloring Book

The Horrors - Adult Coloring Book

Geometrical Adult Coloring Book

Geometrical Adult Coloring Book

Geometrical Adult Coloring Book

Alphabet: Adult Coloring Book

Alphabet: Adult Coloring Book

Alphabet: Adult Coloring Book

Patterns Adult Coloring Book

Patterns Adult Coloring Book

Patterns Adult Coloring Book

Skulls: Adult Coloring Book

Skulls: Adult Coloring Book

Skulls: Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book - Halloween

Adult Coloring Book - Halloween

Adult Coloring Book - Halloween

Manly: (an Adult Coloring Book)

Manly: (an Adult Coloring Book)

Manly: (an Adult Coloring Book)

Enchantment: Adult Coloring book

Enchantment: Adult Coloring book

Enchantment: Adult Coloring book

An Adult Coloring Book - Tattoos

An Adult Coloring Book - Tattoos

An Adult Coloring Book - Tattoos

Wish List for If I Ever Have a Horse

Beiler's  Manufacturing 227153 Thoroughbred Halter, Brown - For Horse Beiler's Manufacturing 227153 Thoroughbred Halter, Brown - For Horse
Beiler's Manufacturing 227153 Thoroughbred Halter, Brown - For Horse • Double ply leather, solid brass hardware. • Triple row stitching on nose, cheeks and chin straps. • Comes with round throat without snap and english style chin (solid, non-adjustable). • Hand finished edges.Color: BrownSize: For Horse

Buying a Horse Buying a Horse
Buying a Horse

Monday, January 18, 2016

My Meal Plan

 I don't have to spend money on art supplies this semester, but that's more of a "I don't know how I'd get those" rather than "woohoo extra money!" situation. I discovered the food pantry and of course my parents. I also got dining dollars (I really shoulda gone with a cheaper one but I won't go hungry on campus) so I can get lunch on campus which will help me STAY on campus to study since when I'm home I lack all motivation.

However I'll still want to make myself dinner at home. There is oatmeal for when I am awake with enough time to eat before heading to campus, but I really need to focus on making healthy, filling things for dinner.

So my list.

  • Oatmeal I can get a big thing at the Dollar Tree. Where I can also get a package of raisins. Honey too maybe. I'll also have eggs from parents for the protein. 
  • Protein Shakes & Bars These are very portable and I can break them out in class if I feel the hunger coming up to cause nausea and shakes. 
  • Rice I love rice made in several ways. Big bag for cheap can last awhile. (Must Chto get whole grain.)
  • Potatoes Again, several ways. Sweet potatoes (not yams) are better for you, but potatoes are cheaper likely. 
  • Meat I prefer beef, but I must also get fish and chicken. At dinner, protein isn't necessary, but sometimes I feel like I didn't have dinner without it. Something I can try to change.
  • Roughage Green and colorful things. Raw, canned, frozen. 
    • Red Delicious Apples
    • Bananas
    • Berries
    • Grapes
    • Oranges
    • Carrots
    • Sugar Snap Peas
    • Sweet Peas
    • Green Beans
    • Popcorn/Corn
Looks like I'm going all paleo, but believe me... I still love chips, donuts, chocolate, soda, and many things bad for me.

Now.... as for the Dining Dollars while on campus so I will stay and study
  • Bananas, grapes, or Naked Smoothie Roughage.
  • Sandwich Or wrap or something with protein.
  • Processed/Sugar Because sometimes I just need comfort food.
I'll be home most weekends and parents have foods...

Print is Arkansas' Way

Digital is the way of the future. But most people in Arkansas are not there yet. I fully believe more consumers can be reached through print. That's why there are still so many printed paper stands out. In addition to marketing articles, I also plan to include entertainment in this newsletter. More commoner type. A lot of the papers currently downtown are aimed for middle class.

The people that go to dive bars and the cheaper, more down-home establishments need more notice. The shoe-shiner. The little artists' galleries.

The businesses in the River Market that many don't know about unless they go in the building. And mostly only tourists do that. And most of our tourists are from other places in Arkansas.

I believe in helping small companies. And there are companies that could be working together, keeping it all local. Marketing firms SHOULD be using local printers. Local printers could recommend these local marketing firms.

But it seems they don't even know about each other. So in addition, I will drop off newsletters to these establishments. The back of the newsletter will always have a directory of local businesses that could do B2B consumerism.

Natural State

I love Arkansas. I really do. Even if for the sentimental familiarity, I just love it. Especially living in the smaller towns. I attend UCA and live a few miles in an apartment that I absolutely love. I love my professors and my advisor and the opportunities there (though, most times I don't make full use of it).

However, we are not that fantastic at creative opportunities. Wanna be a part ranger, we are the natural state. Factory workers have many chances as well. IT folks? Come on over! But creative? The only actual Fine Art gallery is at UCA. There are galleries, but by yet-unknown artists.

Now, sidenote. I LOVE unknown artists. It means I get a taste of their awesomeness and being unknown, that is a very special honor.

But as far as mainstream artistic culture? We seriously lack it.

I have ideas and I want to increase this, but first I need more training, education, experience, and well, money.

Right now, I'm just looking to have a full time job after school that will let me keep my apartment and be enough to pay off Student Loans in a few years. I'll even turn off my internet to help with that. So basically, I don't want much.

But finding a job is feeling impossible. Part time jobs seem to abound rather than full time when I decide to break from school to make money. Full time seem to be the only available jobs when I decide to attend school and can only get a part time job.

Right now, I have loans, school benefits, and a one day a week job to keep be more than surviving, I am comfortable. But I want to EARN money.

I don't even have to have a job in a creative field. I would be perfectly happy just answering phones, doing paperwork, etc. like at my Friday job and the job that brought me back to Arkansas.

This brings me to my idea. Another of many.

A newsletter. I have come across some companies. Companies that could help the smaller businesses. IF the smaller businesses knew about it. What if I could form a sort of "guild" or alliance of marketing companies (including my burgeoning one) or at least have advice from said companies in the newsletter? I could have sponsors, etc. I want to make money,  but most my ideas end up being charitable... Sigh. And I am SURE I won't get a grant.

If you have sponsors can they also pay you a sort of salary as well as keeping the production of a newsletter going? So many ideas. Want to make things accessible to all (free) because I think it will help the economy in the long run (more business for small companies means they spend more to expand or outsource or to get wholesale supplies, etc...) but I also gotta eat....

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Books & Art

I found some random generator apps and might actually write at least short stories around those.

But at the moment, I'm thinking of trying to make tumblr posts. I have a ton of images in my online drive, and I can come up with random, witty, maybe sometimes profound words.

And that transcends to art... ish.

I want to write a romance, I think.

Oh I got distracted.

Anyway, I'm in 3D and Graphic Design and Marketing. I didn't have an art supply list. I'm pretty sad about that. My first project I chose for 3D is to make a dandelion seed out of wire.

Ten Steps to Writing a Story

I wrote a post about some sites I found helpful for writing. I remembered because I was searching for that one thing I found that perf...