Thursday, October 5, 2017

Viking Knit

Someone posted in our LARP group that he was wondering if someone could make a necklace he posted an image of. I did some research and figured the easiest thing would be to just use paracord and paint it.

Then yesterday, I was looking at Pinterest, and as I have looked at DIY jewelry, this popped up, and I was like... "Oh, that's what it is." Then I decided to see how to make it. It looks rather simple, and I just spend money for a tool and a draw board. The tool isn't necessary, but it does look like it makes things much simpler. The draw board is, as that's how you get desired diameters, and I chose end cap findings for half an inch, making sure it was something I could get by using the draw board.

I also want to try to make things with felt. In other words, I might actually, for real this time, make use of my page on FestivalNet.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Beast Failed

So I got a Dell.

Sorry... trying to get going rewriting a story I did years ago and ... just figured I'd update whoever pays attention to this.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Beast is Active

I got the new computer, but there were issues. A Ethernet over Power kit later, we're in business. Not in money-making, but in streaming my casual question around World of Warcraft.

At the moment, I am seriously considering moving my main hub of a webpage because webs isn't doing right by me. We'll see. I might just do weebly. Or maybe wix. I'm noticing a W theme here.

Or heck, since I can do pages here, gonna use this.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

In Lieu of a Textbook...

Some very poor money management left me rather broke all summer. I couldn't take a needed summer class. I've made it by with help from parents and some temp work. I have a job now, but excess financial aid will still come before the first paycheck. So, how am I going to get to know what I need to know for the first week without any textbooks? The internet, of course!

I do not recommend this if you can afford to get your textbooks before class. The information is going to be similar, however, in many areas of study, there are differing approaches, etc. Therefore, you need to use the exact book listed on your syllabus (unless your instructor clearly states it's ok to use earlier editions.)

I'm all for free thought, but in the world of education and salaries, you have to suck it up or go without. It's only for a semester or term. You don't have to agree, but if you want an answer to be marked correctly, you best put the answer your instructor is expecting. This is why listening to lectures is also extremely important. They will let you know when what is in the textbook is not what he/she believes to be accurate, or whatnot. Taking notes is also important, or (with pencil) making a note in the actual book. Or even better, use a sticky note.

In any case, I was able to find the bit of content I needed for an assignment, and I want to save it for posterity, or also in case I find this book is easier for me to understand than the class textbook later on. These are still undergrad classes, but at a higher level than I've ever gone, and thankfully, it has piqued my curiosity. Which is always a good sign that you picked the right major.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Writer Finally Shall Write

I'm going to get writing again. I'm a writer. I'm painfully awkward in person, but I can write. 

One thing I wanna try is writing game campaigns. GMing is not something I particularly enjoy. I want to tell a story and be part of it. I'll let someone else GM it. 

I need to look at a campaign book. Next time I'm at Imagine, gonna look for that. 

I also got a Werewolf book at SERE (free) so I can look at how to get those mechanics within Beyond Human. 

What I'm wondering is
Is it possible to write a campaign that's mechanically open? Like I write the campaign and general info on NPCs .... So any GM can use any mechanic. Or maybe conversion charts for popular systems. 

Maybe I'll start with the actual story first. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

LARP Costuming

I've always loved the idea of costuming, but lacked courage and or funding. At SERE I unintentionally ran an experiment. 

Disclaimer: How I, as Ana, behaved had an equal if not more impact. 

The first part of this venue at con, Ana wore what I call her fancy librarian dress. An outfit that was so uncomfortable that my desire to just sit to avoid discomfort turned into a use of the arcane merit. 

Which I swear is a real life thing and I have it. Which helps ICly along with the pretty but not spectacular costume of the night. 

No one paid me any mind. Nothing too important to overhear, but still. Ana and I felt pretty smug that we didn't even have to try. 

The next session, I had impulse bought corset and skirt. Now, this wasn't exactly comfortable either, but it was more so than the first time. It also made sitting more uncomfortable than standing. 

But boobs. 

Now this is where the disclaimer comes in. I still wasn't on anyone's radar. Nor did I look like an Anarch. Ana ended up sharing a couch with a prince and was going to see if anyone would think Anawas his companion. Sadly he had to deal with ooc stuff, so I meandered. 

Spread around a tidbit I overheard. 

Brought Tremeres to a crazier-than-you-could-ever-fatham Gargoyle. (Awesome player. Like. Creepy AF but so much fun to interact with cuz you know it's not real.) Earned a favor. 

Was chosen to be THE Witness. Which basically meant a severed head would land on my "lap." 

And finally, got told by her Baron that he's got more important things to deal with than some other Anarchs wanting to start a revolt and some infernalist issue. Lol. Which honestly, respectably, what harm could they really do, and it was more of a "You won't believe what just happened!"

Last thing I actually did was try to convince the Anarchs they were being stupid and just going to make things worse. 

Anyway, I was spent at about that time. 

So yeah, not sure some of that would have happened without a corset and pretty swishy skirt. 

The awesomeness wasn't cheap, so I'm gonna make a Malkavian that just wears it everywhere and has several because, well, being a Vampire, ya gotta get your dress dirty, bloody, and/or torn sometimes. 

Also, boobs. 


Monday, February 13, 2017

I Think I Love Sweating

Went a whole hour. 10 mins straight of at least 150HR and never dipped below 140HR till I hit cool down. Feet and butt went numb and legs are sore but it feels more like tendons. Was it the seat? I only felt the "burn" in my knees. I needed resistance otherwise I feel like I'm kicking the air. 

Also the viewing today was this movie where some kid and friends (Jack Black) shanniganed at Stanford. 

Drinking my milk now. 

I was hopping up the stairs till my thigh tendons were like nope. I have energy and I wanna run. But ow. :(

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Atwoods Ranch & Home

Anyone who knows me knows I drool at stationary and art supplies. I found another category that make me drooly. Tack. 

Now, I've used art and stationary supplies, but I don't have a horse. I've ridden once, and learned a very important lesson about steering. 

But when going with mom to Dollar Tree and passing Atwoods, which I noticed said ranch and home, I asked if they sold saddles and tack. She said yes, and she indulged my curiosity. No saddles but there was tack, and it wasn't as expensive as I'd imagine. 

I told myself I walked through there to remind myself that while it's ok to dream, I've got to remember it's hard, hard work. 

I think all I really did was add another reason why it's not a bad idea. 

I know where to get supplies now. 

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