Monday, February 13, 2017

I Think I Love Sweating

Went a whole hour. 10 mins straight of at least 150HR and never dipped below 140HR till I hit cool down. Feet and butt went numb and legs are sore but it feels more like tendons. Was it the seat? I only felt the "burn" in my knees. I needed resistance otherwise I feel like I'm kicking the air. 

Also the viewing today was this movie where some kid and friends (Jack Black) shanniganed at Stanford. 

Drinking my milk now. 

I was hopping up the stairs till my thigh tendons were like nope. I have energy and I wanna run. But ow. :(

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Atwoods Ranch & Home

Anyone who knows me knows I drool at stationary and art supplies. I found another category that make me drooly. Tack. 

Now, I've used art and stationary supplies, but I don't have a horse. I've ridden once, and learned a very important lesson about steering. 

But when going with mom to Dollar Tree and passing Atwoods, which I noticed said ranch and home, I asked if they sold saddles and tack. She said yes, and she indulged my curiosity. No saddles but there was tack, and it wasn't as expensive as I'd imagine. 

I told myself I walked through there to remind myself that while it's ok to dream, I've got to remember it's hard, hard work. 

I think all I really did was add another reason why it's not a bad idea. 

I know where to get supplies now. 

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